Choosing Natural Fibers for Better Sleep

Note: This post contains affiliate links.Natural Fibers, Green Bedding & More

When I was pregnant for the first time, I started learning about how to have a “green” nursery. I learned about choosing the right materials for bedding and more. I had always wondered why certain things I bought smelled terrible out of the package. What I learned was that many products are coated in flame retardants or include formaldehyde-releasing chemicals. That’s enough to ruin a good night’s sleep. Instead look for natural materials like 100% organic cotton, wool, kapok, or natural rubber latemattress chart2x.

  1. Mattress – For my children, I selected Naturpedic’s organic crib and twin mattress. For my husband and I, after an epic cross-country search, I selected OMI’s Terra mattress. Purchasing it was an enormous investment but we have never regretted it. After all we spend 7-8 hours a night lying down on it! We purchased the emBrace bed frame to complement it. I found this chart (right) when I was researching mattresses and it’s quite useful. The brands in green are the ones I would recommend based on non-toxicity. Try and go to a showroom if you can for feel. That is what we did and why we splurged on the Terra. Fortunately, we were visiting family in the LA area and green mattress stores are more abundant than where we live.
  2. Mattress pad – For my baby, I choose the crib mattress pad by Giggle. For my older son, I choose this mattress pad from Naturpedic, a
    nd for my bed, we use a washable wool topper by Sleep and Beyond. It’s heavenly.
  3. Sheets and duvet cover – For my baby, I choose the adorable, striped crib sheets by Giggle. They are 100% organic cotton. For my son, I selected the 100% organic sheets by the now-defunct company Argington. You may be able to find new sets on eBay. For our bed, I selected these yummy and affordable 100% organic sheets with just a hit of pattern and sheen.
  4. Duvet or Comforter – Everyone in my family sleeps with a wool duvet insert by Sleep and Beyond. I love them so much, I have them in crib, twin, and king size.
  5. Pillows – Pillows have been trickier. My husband swears by his Crush, which is stuffed with shredded natural rubber. My children have these by Naturepedic. I am still searching for my perfect pillow. Ideas?
  6. Shower curtain – Plastic shower curtains are the pits. Choose a cloth one and a cotton liner. Yes, they exist!

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