Develop Better Relationships

Some years ago, I came to realize how lacking I was in “relationship education.” My love relationship was in trouble. I knew this but was not sure what to do about it. The traditional route of couple’s counseling had not worked for us. We tried and every session left us more upset. We criticized each other, blamed each other, and went around in circles. I was really at a loss as what to do. Was divorce the only way out of this mess, out of the anger and resentment?

That is when the Universe presented me with the gift that is Stacey Martino. I received an email through my Positive Parenting subscription about a telephone seminar on creating a rock solid relationship. I signed up. What attracted me immediately about the content was that Stacey was saying things I had never really heard before, things that none of the counselors ever mentioned. She said simply that you can never, ever, ever say anything bad about your partner to anyone ever again. Wow. That was a tall order. But when she talked about how your partner had to have your back at every occasion, I thought back to how I often pleaded for my partner to be my champion. But was I being his? Honestly, no, I wasn’t even coming close.

Stacey imparted so many other relationship principles during that session that I was curious what else she had to offer. The price tag for the full Quickstart Course was not insignificant, but it was a drop in the bucket compared to a divorce. My partner and I decided to enroll in the program. Since one of her premises is that is only takes ONE partner to do the work, we did the coursework separately. I think this allowed me to go very deep and to heal many of the wounds I had in my heart.

During the first three weeks of the Quickstart Course I cried every day. Watching Stacey’s modules was very painful. I could see immediately the error of my ways and how I was responsible for where our relationship was. I had immense sadness and guilt. But I was also empowered that I could change our dynamic. I could change and become the person I want to be, not an angry, bitter wife, but a goddess who loves living life and giving love to all in her world.

The Breakthrough Course was life-changing for me in so many ways that I hope to describe over time in future blog posts. After much hard work, my partner and I are now completely rock solid. Not only am I a better wife, I am also a better mom, friend, and human. If you or someone you love is struggling in his or her relationship, perhaps on the brink of divorce, or perhaps already divorced and struggling to co-parent, please reach out to Stacey Martino and the Relationship Development team. She has lots of free content on her blog and through her newsletters. She has also written The Miracle Morning for Transforming Your Relationship, available on Amazon for a small price. She also has a free webinar. And she offers more in-depth courses and personal coaching at a variety of price points. As Stacey often signs off her messages, sending love!

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